Coping Skills

The below handouts are available upon request. If you as an individual, your work or organisation would like me to send you some, please send me an email or contact through Mind The Noise facebook page. 

I made these cards to be placed in your bag, purse, wallet, so if you are in public and need a guide you would have one on hand. 

I often talk about coping skills and how useful they are. At first trying to focus on anything other than your fear or anxiety can feel impossible to do. Over time if you are consistent with your coping skills and an anxiety attack comes on, its like magic the first time when you notice how effective they can be. Not always, but we grow each time.

Remember what works for you may not work for everyone. As with mental health we all react differently. 

  • Exercise : Exercise is a natural stress reliever and has shown to help bring anxiety levels down. Regular exercise is not only good for your mental health but helps build confidence to.

  • Meditation : Meditation done consistently teaches us to sit with our thoughts and not react. It reduces stress while improving concentration and boosts overall wellbeing. From a world with constant over stimulation the practice of meditation helps find the balance and redirect our perception to whats truly important, you.

  • Writing down your thoughts : Writing your thoughts down gets them out of your head and on to paper, freeing up space in your mind. It allows you to put a plan in place, and see the overall picture. Generally when we write everything down we can see with more clarity and see what we were tense about isn't so big after all.

  • Nature : Nature is scientifically proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, it has a calming influence and helps lower the heart rate. When we are surrounded with nature you can start to fill more grounded. I love when I feel connected with nature, a powerful safe feeling.